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VILLALTEA MANAGEMENT has chosen 3 formulas to meet your needs as effectively as possible. The 3 formulas are for apartments, houses and luxury houses. The conditions given are for annual periods. Each formula includes the following services.

Visits 24 36 52
Collect and forward mail (once a month)
Check that everything opens and closes property (porter's office, locks)
Ventilate the property
Perform a complete inspection of the interior and exterior of your property
Inspect the rooms
Check the drains and taps to make sure there are no leaks
Check that all the appliances and utilities on the property are in working order
Water the plants
Inspect the garden
Check the indoor and outdoor lighting are working properly
Pay the bills (water, electricity, gas, telephone, insurance, charges, taxes)  
Liaise with the security company
Undertake terrace
We take emergency action if a serious problem arises which needs to be dealt with immediately (natural disasters, vandalism etc), and contact you
We provide you with a report on your property after each visit, accompanied by photos
A game of keys in our possession
12 hours of cleaning offers    
3 preparation services on your property    
3 welcome packs    
BRONZE caretaker service offer (5 days of the week, 08:00-21:00)    
SILVER caretaker service offer (7 days of the week, 08:00-21:00)    
GOLD caretaker service offer (7 days of the week, 24 hours of the day)    

Once you join us, a price-list will be sent to you on request. Sticking to our formula iscompulsory if you wish to benefit from the full package of our services.
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